Shopworks brings ERP's data to the factory floor

April 19, 2021
New module gives workers step-by-step task details and access to needed documents.

DELMIAworks Formerly called IQMS, this manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from Dassault Systèmes can be tailored to an individual factory, and lets users efficiently monitor their production. The Shopworks module is designed to be used with touchscreen devices, tablets or on devices with a keyboard and mouse, and can deliver relevant information from the ERP software into the hands of factory workers.

What’s new? The Shopworks module. Managers can use it to set up a digital to-do list for individual workers, which guides them step by step through the tasks they need to accomplish. For machine operators, Shopworks can tell them when and how to set up for the next job, or it can walk workers through tasks such as final part assembly. Users can customize it so that steps like scanning the label on a box can trigger further actions, such as alerting material handlers to bring raw materials or components to a workstation or directing workers to store finished products in the warehouse, load them on a truck or prepare them to ship directly to a customer.

Benefits Improved efficiency. Shopworks improves worker productivity by providing them with information, such as the latest, approved documents, engineering drawings or work instructions, on an as-needed basis. It can avoid human error in process steps.

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