Wilmington Machinery lab adds new low-pressure machine

June 21, 2023
Lumina 2400HE lab machine allows processors to test molds, materials.
Wilmington Machinery has added a new low-pressure structural foam injection molding machine to expand the trial possibilities for processors visiting its research lab.

While Wilmington Machinery has always maintained a low-pressure machine in its lab, the new machine is a Lumina 2400HE Lab machine with 500 tons of clamping force, a 50-pound shot capacity and a 70-inch-by-80-inch platen.

 The low-pressure machine is available to processors that want to conduct trials involving new materials, additives, fillers, compounds or molds, or validate large parts or conduct experimentation. They also get the opportunity to work with the company’s engineering team.

Based in Wilmington, N.C., Wilmington Machinery manufactures blow molding machines and injection molding machines for producing large structural plastic parts.