Wittmann upgrades nitrogen gas pressure system

Nov. 7, 2022
Airmould 4.0 features more-compact design, new touch-screen controls.

Airmould Designed for use with injection molding machines from any manufacturer, Wittmann Battenfeld’s Airmould internal gas pressure system injects nitrogen into an injection mold cavity that is partly or completely filled with melt. The pressurized gas forms a bubble at the center of the melt, which counteracts shrinkage on the outside and eliminates unsightly sink marks. The technology reduces the amount of plastic used and produces lightweight components with short cycle times and good surface quality.    

What’s new? Airmould 4.0, which has a more compact design than other versions and a new user interface, and 5.7-inch touch screen. The newest version is Industry 4.0-capable, allowing it to be fully integrated into Wittmann injection molding machines. 

Benefits Improved ease of use and flexibility. Because the system is smaller, it can be positioned close to the gas-injection point either on the machine or on the mold, minimizing nitrogen consumption. The system reduces cycle times, part weight and clamping-force requirements. It can accommodate as many as eight modules, making it a cost-effective technology for molders.  

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