Injection unit adapts Engel presses for LSR micromolding

Sept. 25, 2020
The micro-injection unit, which features a quick coupling system, is available with new Engel machines or as a retrofit for existing presses.

Injection molding machines Engel has added liquid silicone rubber (LSR) micromolding to the applications for its injection molding machines that are equipped with electric injection units.  

What’s new? A micro-injection unit that can be retrofitted to existing Engel presses, with some limitations, based on machine size and the application. The unit, which features a quick coupling system, also is available with new Engel machines. Engel has used the micro-injection unit to mold parts for ophthalmic diagnostic instruments, each weighing 0.0013 gram. They were produced on an all-electric, tiebarless Engel e-motion 50/30 TL machine, shown.

Benefits Precision molding of microparts and flexibility. Thanks to the quick coupling system, the unit can be swapped out for a conventional screw injection unit in less than 30 minutes, maximizing machine uptime. 

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