Dri-Air system offers on-demand drying and blending

June 21, 2024
Incorporating Maguire's weigh scale blender, the system keeps components separated to optimize drying prior to blending.

Dryer with on-demand gravimetric blending Joining forces with Maguire Products, Aston, Pa., Dri-Air Industries has developed its second-generation, on-demand drying/blending system that allows processors to add their regrind material back into their process in real time. This new system uses Dri-Air’s drying and conveying capabilities, with a Maguire weigh scale blender (WSB) positioned below the discharge of the drying hoppers. It has a touch-screen control and provides data recording and reporting capabilities. The system lets molders dry virgin material, reclaim and redry regrind material, add colorant and blend these components just prior to conveying the materials to the injection molding machine. By keeping each material isolated until it is blended, the system can ensure optimal drying conditions for the blend, which is then moved via Dri-Air’s closed-loop, dry-air conveyance system a small minimum inventory receiver mounted on the feed-throat.

What’s new? The new dryer with on-demand gravimetric blending, which Dri-Air displayed at its booth at NPE. 

Benefits Reduced waste and easy changeovers. Keeping materials separate prior to blending allows contaminated regrind to be quickly isolated and disposed of without contaminating hundreds of pounds of virgin material, and eliminates the potential waste of large quantities of pre-mixed materials remaining after a particular production run is completed. The system also conserves valuable floor space, with the combined drying/blending/conveyance package attached to a single portable frame. 

 Dri-Air Industries Inc., East Windsor, Conn., 860-627-5110, www.dri-air.com 

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