Tederic displays second-generation Neo.EII machines

June 14, 2024
The machines, designed for packaging and medical applications, feature new drives and added tie-bar spacing.

Neo.EII Tederic’s hybrid-electric injection molding machines (IMMs) feature electro-mechanical drives for the clamp, injection and screw rotation, with servo-hydraulic power for the ejector and carriage. Available in standard and high-speed versions, the Neo.EII machines are designed to perform packaging and medical applications.

What’s new? The second-generation machine, which sports new drives and increased tie-bar spacing.

Benefits Accurate, fast and repeatable molding, with a best-of-both-worlds combination of electro-mechanical and servo-hydraulic movements. This mixture remedies problems all-electric machines experience with nozzle and ejector force, and the integrated servo-hydraulic power pack allows the inclusion of hydraulic core pulling. The IMMs are clean, with minimal risk of hydraulic oil leakage, and they are capable of injection speeds of up to about 19.7 inches per second. The IMMs have intelligent features that include defect detection. At NPE, Tederic showed a Neo.EII260-e1100 making a 53-gram medical cup from PP using a 48-cavity mold in 6.5-second cycles, as well as a Neo.EII380-e1700h making a 144-gram PP stadium cup.

Tederic North America Machinery Inc., Palmetto, Fla., 941-323-9081, www.tederic-na.com  

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