Mold-Masters motion controller is easy to use

May 8, 2024
The M-Ax platform has preprogrammed functions as well as monitoring capabilities.

M-Ax Mold-Masters’ M-Ax servo mold motion controller offers control over a wide variety of mold functions, and each M-Ax servo can be easily switched between linear- and rotary-axis movements. The controller provides a range of standard servo functions, including controlling valve gates, core pulls and rotary tables. It has a large 18-inch color touch-screen HMI that provides centralized control of servos, and integrated hot -runner temperature control also is available.

What’s new? The next-generation M-Ax platform, which offers a simplified and more-
intuitive user interface. Special features include preprogrammed mode functions, as well as energy and torque monitoring. The M-Ax controller will be available in standard configurations with up to three axes, but unlimited custom configurations will be offered depending on specific customer needs.

Process control accuracy and easy adjustments. The preprogrammed functions will allow for easier setup, configuration and operation. Molders can track and measure their energy consumption for sustainability initiatives, and users can put torque monitoring to use in a variety of ways, including using indications of increased torque on a component as a possible indication that it requires maintenance or should be replaced. The M-Ax controller comes enabled with the OPC-UA communications protocol and is Industry 4.0-ready.

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