LS Mtron introduces speedy LSG-H series

March 8, 2024
It includes hydraulic and hybrid IMMs with clamping forces from about 100 tons to 3,500 tons.

LSG-H The general-purpose injection molding machines (IMMs) in this LS Mtron series include compact hybrids with clamping forces of about 100 tons to 420 tons, mid-sized hydraulic machines from 500 to 1,100 tons and large-tonnage hybrid IMMs of 1,600 to 3,500 tons.  

What’s new? The LSG-H series, which LS Mtron will display at NPE. At the show, a two-platen, 600-ton LSG-600H servo-hydraulic IMM will be part of a three-machine work cell producing different parts of a tote box that will be assembled into a final box.  

Benefits Fast dry cycle times. Machines in the LSG-H series use a proportional valve for mold opening and closing speeds of up to 1,000mm per second. This also minimizes clamping noise. The machines’ new injection unit makes quick barrel and/or screw changes easy, and the machines’ linear motion guide provides high-precision movement control and easy nozzle center positioning; it also minimizes frictional force and abrasion. A new Keba multi-touch controller is standard across all models in the series, offering operators user-friendly controls.  

LS Mtron Injection Molding Machine USA. Duluth, Ga., 470-724-2263, (NPE Booth 1101)


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