Yizumi goes big with D1 series IMMs

Jan. 30, 2024
The company has built a custom model with 9,350 tons of clamping force.

D1 series These Yizumi two-platen injection molding machines can be equipped as standard with clamping forces of about 4,500 tons. They each feature a Keba controller; an impact-cushioning synchronized lock nut mechanism that’s fast, reliable and relatively quiet; an independent high-pressure cylinder; a highly rigid, accurate guide device; adaptive temperature control; and an ultrasonic digital displacement sensor. 

What’s new? The possibility to go big. In May, Yizumi announced it had shipped a machine with about 9,350 tons of clamping force to a customer in China. Planning and construction of the machine took around two years; 30 technicians needed 4 months to assemble the machine. It features a fully oil-cooled, highly integrated, two-headed motor-driven servo-pump system, as well as injection compression molding technology, Yizumi’s SmartClamp technology for protecting molds, an internal circulation clamping unit and an energy-efficient pump technology. The control system integrates software developed in-house by Yizumi. The company says it is seeing greater demand for large parts, such as pallets and components for the automotive and water-vessel industries. 

Benefits Customizability. The new 9,350-ton machine also uses 30 percent less energy than conventional three-platen machines. Its synchronized drive technology makes hydraulic circuit response faster and movements more efficient. 

Yizumi-HPM Corp., Iberia, Ohio, 740-382-5600, www.yizumi-hpm.com

Vital Statistics 

Clamping force 

About 9,350 tons 


About 88.6 feet 


About 19.7 feet 

Platen weight 

About 154 tons 

Maximum shot weight per injection unit 

About 176.4 pounds 

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