E-Z Lok inserts offer durability

Dec. 29, 2023
The threaded brass inserts can be installed with ultrasonic horns or heat drivers.

E-Z inserts  The threaded inserts from E-Z Lok, a division from Tool Components, can be used in post-assembly applications involving a variety of materials, including thermoplastics and wood. Machined out of brass, they are available in both tapered and straight designs, with both inch and metric threads, with thread sizes ranging from 0.375 inch to 2 inches and from 2.5mm to 6mm.

What’s new? Ultrasonic inserts, called E-Z Sonic inserts and heat-staking kits for thermoplastics, including PP, PVC and acrylics. They can be installed either with ultrasonic horns or heat drivers. The heat-staking threaded insert assortment kits, which include 200 inserts, can add machine threads to 3D printed parts and prototypes.

Benefits Durability and versatility. The inserts exhibit superior torque and pull-out resistance. With them, manufacturers can avoid the costs of misaligned inserts.

Tool Components Inc., Gardena, Calif., 310-323-5613, www.ezlok.com/for-plastic