Netstal updates its Axos control

Oct. 30, 2023
Axos 9, which has redesigned hardware, now provides Netstal's Smart Operation as a standard feature.

Axos Among the displays Netstal brought to Fakuma was production of thin-wall yogurt cups and their labels, both made of 100 percent PP. The cups were produced via injection compression molding on an Elion 1750 with hybrid injection. The machine’s Axos 9 control, which is the latest-generation control for Elion and Elios series machines, played a role in producing the cups, which are 34 percent lighter and reduce packaging volume by 27 percent compared to conventional yogurt cups.

What’s new? Axos 9, which features a completely new hardware design.

Benefits Simplified injection molding machine operation. Netstal’s Smart Operation comes integrated into the Axos 9 as a standard feature. Smart Operation, which has an integrated four-key control panel, was previously only available as a paid option. It lets operators control machine functions quickly, safely and effectively. It also helps prevent operator error and increases overall equipment efficiency.

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