Intravis improves labeling inspection system

Feb. 28, 2023
Users of IMLWatcher can store images for a longer time, and search and filter data.

IMLWatcher This Intravis system inspects products with in-mold labels. At the K Show, the company paired up with partners in several booths to show how the system can work alongside automation systems to inspect labels and bar codes on parts such as cups. 

What’s new? Improvements to some of the system’s optional reports. The system can now detect short shots. Depending on available memory and the number of images users wish to store, users can view inspection images that were collected even months earlier. With the help of various filter functions, the user can search through the data in order to collect important information. Also, upgrades have made possible long-term image storage. Systems installed in the last few years can be retrofitted with the improvements. 

Benefits Easy-to-use, high-speed defect detection of decorated injection molded products. With its Quick Reference Mode, IMLWatcher can create new references while production is taking place within a few seconds.  

Intravis Inc., Norcross, Ga., 770-662-5458, 

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