Monitoring system provides data for molders

Jan. 18, 2023
Users of Kistler's ComoNeo system, which relies on pressure and temperature sensors, can leverage the information to optimize their processes.

ComoNeo Kistler’s process monitoring system evaluates and analyzes injection molding process data collected by cavity-pressure and temperature sensors. With it, users can optimize their processes. 

What’s new? Kistler’s Type 2205B multichannel temperature amplifier. Suitable for operation in combination with thermocouples of Types J, K and N from Kistler, it amplifies signals from a varied range of thermocouples and relays them to the ComoNeo system.  It is also available in versions with up to eight input channels that can be used individually. 

Benefits Flexibility. The Type 2205B temperature amplifier, which has the same dimensions as its predecessor, can be installed wherever the older model was already in use, but offers a wide variety of extended functions and greater flexibility, according to Kistler. Overall, the ComoNeo system allows for automatic detection and separation of faulty parts, lowering production costs and enhancing part quality. 

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