Stork aims for speed and efficiency

Dec. 13, 2022
The company showed two IMMs at K 2022 – one it claims is the world’s most energy-efficient hybrid and another it calls the world’s fastest.

By Ron Shinn

Netherlands-based machinery supplier Stork IMM showed two large, fast injection presses at K 2022  one it claims is the world’s most energy-efficient hybrid and a second it calls the world’s fastest. 

The press it dubs the world’s most energy efficient is its model 8650. It has 786 tons clamping force with an electric clamp. At the K Show, the machine molded 10-liter buckets with a 6.8-second cycle time. 

The hybrid machine is designed to operate as efficiently as possible and, depending on energy costs, can save up to $100,000 per year in operating expenses, the company said. 

Injection speed is up to 800mm per second, which is faster than most electrical presses. The 8650 has an injection unit that is equipped with a 98mm high-performance screw that can reach an output of 793 pounds per hour. 

A long-stroke, five-point toggle lever system enables the machine to mold tall buckets and even be used for production of crates. 

Like all Stork molding machines, released energy is captured and supplied back to the factory network as opposed to being stored and used in the same machine.  

Stork said the 8650 achieves fast speed and good shot-to-shot accuracy and short switching times by using several small, fast valves connected in parallel. 

The press Stork calls the world’s fastest is an electric machine, the model 1450, which has 495 tons of clamping force. Stork said the high speeds come from using a robust rack-and-pinion system. 

The five-point toggle system described above is also used on the 1450. The drive system includes Stork’s energy-optimized, variable-speed pump. Stork said the electric injection unit is tuned especially for thin-wall containers. 

The injection unit features high circumferential speeds to shorten plasticizing times and increase output. 

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