Wittmann SmartPlus machines on the way

Dec. 23, 2022
SmartPlus machines will come with 66, 99, 132 and 198 tons of clamping force and will be available to order in North America in mid-2023.

By Ron Shinn

Wittmann introduced the general-purpose, servo-hydraulic SmartPlus series at Fakuma 2021, and it plans to make the series available to order in North America in mid-2023. Deliveries are not expected until early 2024. 

SmartPlus machines will come with 66, 99, 132 and 198 tons of clamping force. 

The SmartPlus series is based on Wittmann’s all-electric SmartPower series. It has a compact machine body design, energy-saving drive system, central hydraulic clamping system and injection control through a dynamic servo drive. 

The company said SmartPlus machines will have a limited number of options and are best-suited for standard, less-complex applications. The “Plus” in the line’s name comes from the added value this new machine series has to offer for standard applications. 

SmartPlus is equipped with Wittmann’s kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) that first appeared on the EcoPower presses. SmartPlus will also be equipped with HiQ Flow, Wittman’s application that offsets resin viscosity fluctuations.  This is especially useful for applications that incorporate regrind. 

The new series also will include Drive-on-Demand 2.0 hydraulic servo drive, Wittmann’s system to increase response speed with a booster unit that enables higher clock frequency. The servo drive remains off until it is needed for movement or pressure generation. 

The 25mm screw has a 22:1 L:D ratio. Injection units swivel for fast screw and barrel changes. 

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