Mold-Masters unveils its largest e-Multi

July 25, 2022
The EM5 is the latest auxiliary injection unit, with a shot weight up to 42 ounces.

E-Multi These all-electric, servo-driven auxiliary injection units from Mold-Masters allow processors to add multi-shot, multi-material or co-injection capabilities to their existing injection molding machines. They can be used in a clean-room environment.

What’s new? The EM5, Mold-Masters’ largest-capacity E-Multi. The EM5 offers an expanded shot weight, which the company says ranges from 18 to 42 ounces — much more than the next-largest E-Multi, the EM4, which offers a shot weight of 9 to 17 ounces.

Benefits Lower capital investment costs. The cost of adding an E-Multi, which is compatible with any molding machine, is much lower than buying a dedicated press with multi-shot capabilities. The E-Multi can be mounted in vertical, horizontal and custom orientations; when oriented vertically, it nearly eliminates any additional footprint requirement.

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