Upgraded Conair DeDuster improves end-product quality

May 17, 2021
The plug-and-play Mini-DeDuster C-50 removes dust, angel hair and streamers from pellets or regrind before it is fed into plastics processing equipment.

Mini-DeDuster C-50 Conair’s plug-and-play system removes dust, angel hair and streamers from pellets and regrind before it is fed into plastics processing equipment. The Mini-DeDuster C-50 has a nominal processing capacity of up to 50 pounds per hour and uses an ionizer to break the electrostatic bond between the pellets and dust or angel hair. Made of stainless steel, the compact system requires only 1.1 feet of additional headroom above the feed throat of the molding machine or extruder.  

What’s new? Numerous updates. Conair has simplified the system’s operation, removed wear-prone moving parts and improved the processing of dusty regrind. A new, built-in level sensor shuts off the system’s feeder when the hopper below it is nearly full. The company replaced a paddle-style metering device that was prone to wear with an adjustable, pneumatically driven vibratory feeder. Additionally, a wider opening inside the DeDuster prevents material bridging.  

Benefits High-quality end products. The Mini-DeDuster C-50 produces clean pellets suitable for use in medical products and other demanding applications and prevents cosmetic problems such as haziness, gels and black spots, as well as mechanical flaws. The new vibratory feeder improves feeding and ensures that regrind flows smoothly. The built-in level sensor simplifies operation; previously, users needed to know the volume of the hopper and the demand of the processing machine and then manually adjust the feed rate to prevent overfilling. Additionally, the system protects the injection molding machine or extruder from fines and streamers that can clog melt-flow paths and accumulate on screws and dies, causing downtime. Users can expect a return on investment in about a month, based on reduced scrap levels and less machine maintenance.  

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