Hyrobotics' Epik, Unik can integrate vision sensor

April 16, 2021
The company's new offering enables the robots to divert defective parts.

Epik and Unik Hyrobotics’ Epik and Unik four-axis full-servo takeout robots can serve injection molding machines with clamping forces ranging from 30 tons to 4,000 tons, to handle parts in a very wide range of sizes. Both robots are CE ISO 9001 certified and come with the company’s HYK-70 robot controller, which has a touch-screen display and offers menu-driven programming of takeout routines, which speeds job setup.

What’s new? Automated inspection. Hyrobotics now offers the robots with an integrated Cognex In-Sight 2000 sensor, which can inspect the part as the robot removes it. Good parts are moved downstream, but if the sensor detects any defects, the part is diverted.

Benefits Time and cost savings. Automating the pass/fail decisions on molded parts frees up human labor for other, higher-value tasks.

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