Arburg Hidrive, Alldrive presses gain new control option

April 15, 2021
Arburg now offers the Gestica control on all Hidrive and Alldrive injection molding machines with clamping forces of 280 tons and more.

Allrounder Arburg’s Allrounder line of injection molding machines includes the hybrid Hidrive and electric Alldrive presses. Hidrive hybrid machines combine the speed and precision of electric machines with the power and dynamics of hydraulic models. Alldrive presses are designed for high precision, adaptability and cost-efficiency.  

What’s new? The Gestica control. Arburg now offers the control on all Hidrive and Alldrive machines with clamping forces of 280 tons and more. The Gestica system features a high-definition, multitouch screen that allows users to operate it via the swiping and zooming finger movements commonly used with smartphones. It has a clearly structured task-specific start page that simplifies navigation. 

Benefits Operator convenience. Built on the company’s Selogica control technology, the Gestica control makes communication with the machine easier for the operator and provides detailed, 3-D views of the machine that the user can rotate and zoom in on. Additionally, the Gestica is designed to accommodate future functional upgrades.   

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