Wittmann conveying systems gain control upgrade

April 9, 2021
The M8-IPC network control has new features to simplify the running of complex installations.

Central material conveying systems Wittmann Battenfeld’s resin conveying systems are designed for demanding applications and feature modular vacuum loaders for flexibility and easy cleaning.   

What’s new? The M8-IPC network control. An upgrade to the previous M7-IPC system, the CAN-bus-based control has a number of new features. Among them are freely programmable modules for functions such as cycle counting; this enables users to trigger a certain action following the completion of a set number of switch cycles. Another new function switches the system to a second source of material when the first one runs out. The control also supports radio-frequency identification technology so that regrind from different granulators can be transported unmixed to separate containers. Additionally, residual material left in equipment can be transported back to the source so that it isn’t wasted.  

Benefits User-friendliness. The upgraded control simplifies the running of complex installations and clearly displays every piece of equipment. The new modules allow users to easily program sequences that are perfectly tailored to each process.  

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