Flir videoscope inspects hard-to-reach locations

April 9, 2021
This dual-sensor videoscope can look into tight spots within industrial machinery and HVAC systems.

VS290-32 This dual-sensor videoscope is appropriate for performing inspections in hard-to-reach places, such as within industrial machinery and HVAC systemsWith it, technicians can evaluate water flows, take spot temperature readings that could indicate the source of leaks and detect faults within electrical systems. It combines thermal imaging with a regular camera. The device features Flir’s patented Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) technology, which improves image clarity by overlaying thermal images with visual details, providing context for users to accurately assess and identify potential issues. The VS290-32 has a bright LED work light, rechargeable batteries that provide up to six hours of continuous use and a dual-battery charger. It can identify areas of concern across a temperature range of 14 degrees to 752 degrees Fahrenheit. The videoscope costs $4,999. 

What’s new? The device, the company’s first thermal and visual camera videoscope combo. The videoscope is safety-rated for electrical inspections and features a replaceable, 6.6-foot-long camera probe and a camera tip and base that are protected against dust and water.   

Benefits Safe, efficient inspection of hard-to-reach areas in demanding or dangerous environments. The rugged videoscope makes thermal inspections in tight spaces dramatically easier and safer.   

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