Branson welder has updated software

April 1, 2021
The GSX E1 2.0 meets FDA data-integrity standards for medical manufacturing.

GSX E1 2.0 ultrasonic welder This space-saving welder from Branson, an Emerson brand, has an easy-to-use graphical interface, as well as ergonomic features that make it simple to install.

What’s new? The GSX E1 2.0 features two software upgrades, one that allows it to create audit trails, validate user signatures and retain data or records required for medical manufacturing. The second upgrade encrypts that data so it can be securely transferred to enterprise quality-management systems. These updates allow it to comply with FDA data-integrity standards. The GSX E1 2.0 also introduces the patent-pending Dynamic weld mode.

Benefits Welding data integrity. Dynamic welding optimizes part quality by recalculating and adjusting key parameters during the weld cycle. This can improve consistency for insertion, staking and other operations on parts with complex structures or made from materials with variable characteristics.

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