Ahlbrandt catalytic air purifier cleans exhaust of corona surface-treatment systems

March 30, 2021
The ozone converter catalytic air purifier can promote health and safety in workplaces using corona surface-treatment systems.

CAP Baldwin Technology’s Ahlbrandt brand has launched its latest product, an ozone converter catalytic air purifier (CAP), which cleans the exhaust air from corona surface-treatment systems. Corona surface-treatment systems are used to improve the adhesion of inks, coatings and adhesives on plastic films and other products. Ahlbrand’s air purifier employs a catalyst bed of metal oxides and adapts the catalyst volume to the exhaust volume of the surface-treatment system as production conditions change.   

What’s new? The air purifier. 

Benefits Efficiency and worker health and safety. The system ensures an ozone-free production facility. The catalyst filter does not use active carbon, making it nonflammable and safe for operating in high temperatures. Additionally, the CAP has a compact, durable design and is modular for easy maintenance and expansion.  

Baldwin Technology Co. Inc., St. Louis, 314-863-6640, www.ahlbrandt.com