System simplifies EOAT changes

May 7, 2021
Quick-change system from AGS uses a bayonet washer to lock it in place.

GWS-R-K This end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) quick-change system from AGS is locked in place using a bayonet washer and can connect to compressed air or vacuum service at the same time. It can be used with linear or six-axis robots, as well as cobots. It has been available in diameters of 90mm and 150mm.

What’s new? An additional size. It is now available in a 50mm diameter and can handle a payload of up to 11 pounds.

Benefits Quick EOAT changes. As an option, there is an electrical plug with spring-loaded contacts so that up to 15 electrical contacts can be coupled at once. The GGP-R-P gripper base plates connect directly to the Prism profile shaft, so no extra intermediate plate is required.

AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, 49-2204-96810-0,