Datacolor broadens its spectrophotometer portfolio

Feb. 19, 2021
Its Spectro 700 and Spectro 1000 series offer a range of features to boost productivity and improve efficiency.

Spectro 1000/Spectro 700 These two series of close-tolerance benchtop spectrophotometers from Datacolor can help users specify and formulate colors as well as perform color quality control. Suitable for a variety of industries, including plastics, the color-measurement instruments are designed for efficiency. The cost-effective Spectro 700 series of precision instruments consists of three models, to accommodate measuring fluorescent materials and other needs. The three Spectro 1000 models are close-tolerance spectrophotometers designed for foolproof sample placement. They can handle unusual sample sizes and high throughputs. 

What’s new? The spectrophotometers and features such as temperature measurement and internet connectivity. The ability to capture the temperature of samples is necessary for plastic materials that need to be within a certain temperature range for accurate color measurement. Internet-connectivity will allow the devices to connect with remote services and data analytics that Datacolor plans to offer in the future.

Benefits High efficiency and consistent measurements. The instruments are designed to boost productivity and improve workflow efficiency through fast measurement speeds and seamless integration with other Datacolor benchtop instruments.

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