Epson updates its RC+ software

Jan. 28, 2021
Software makes it easy to integrate robots, vision systems and IntelliFlex feeders; unveils new capabilities.
Epson Robots
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RC+ 7.0 Epson’s software integrates its SCARA and six-axis robots with the company’s IntelliFlex parts feeders and Vision Guide vision systems. It provides a simple point-and-click interface, as well as advanced capabilities such as its Autotune feature. With Autotune, users can put a handful of new parts into the tray of an IntelliFlex parts feeder, and the internal AI will test different vibration patterns, take an image of the results of each and automatically learn the optimized vibration pattern for separating the new parts.

What’s new? Version 7.5.0. This software update includes many new capabilities for the IntelliFlex system, including the ability for one feeder to handle up to four different parts, one robot to work with four different feeders, or for two robots to work from one feeder.

Benefits Ease of use. Any number of different components can be brought together to provide automation, but it can take weeks to make all of them work together efficiently to handle a single type of part. Epson’s IntelliFlex system can typically be configured in about a day — making it easy to adapt to the demands of handling low-volume, high-mix parts. Also, Epson supports all aspects of the system and continues to develop updates.

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