Engel launches company to sell used machinery

Dec. 23, 2020
Headquartered in Prague, Engel Used Machinery s.r.o. will purchase and then refurbish Engel presses and robots.
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Engel Austria GmbH, Schwertbergis moving into the used machinery market. 

Engel announced in December that it has launched Engel Used Machinery s.r.o., which will buy back the company’s presses and robots, and refurbish them in-house at production plants in EuropeThe used equipment will be available for sale worldwide, including the U.S. 

"In some cases, a secondhand production cell is the only option. We want to offer our customers a high-quality solution for this requirement, too, with Engel's customary consulting expertise and outstanding service,” said Christoph Steger, chief sales officer of the Engel Group 

Headquartered in Prague, the new company will rebuild machines at Engel facilities in Austria and the Czech Republic.  

"Eastern Europe is the largest and fastest-growing market for pre-owned injection molding machines,” Leopold Praher said. The new GM of Engel Used MachineryPraher has worked for Engel for more than 30 yearsmost recently as a sales manager with responsibility for Engel’s global elastomer and thermoset business, a role he will continue to fill until that division has had the opportunity to transition. 

The company said it expects most pieces of equipment it refurbishes will be, at most, 10 or 15 years old. As part of the service, Engel Used Machinery workers will check machines and make repairs where necessary. While presses with Engel’s CC300 controls or in some cases, its CC200 controls, can be upgraded to Industry 4.0 capabilities with the installation of additional products, those types of upgrades are not envisioned as part of the refurbishing process.