Cognex vision system tackles complex tasks

Jan. 21, 2021
With deep learning technology embedded directly in its camera, the In-Sight D900 series can perform duties that usually require human judgment.

In-Sight D900 Color This vision system series from Cognex can handle a wide range of inspection tasks that would normally require human judgment. Tasks include optical character recognition, detecting defects in parts, checking complex features and verifying part and kit assembly.

What’s new? Color models. The D900 series debuted in April 2020 with monochrome models, followed by color models in October.

Benefits Ease of use. As Cognex’s first vision system with deep learning technology embedded directly in a smart camera, the D900 makes it easy to perform complex tasks without programming. Operators can use a spreadsheet interface to set up and deploy new applications. 

Cognex Corp., Natick, Mass., 855-426-4639,

Vital statistics




5 megapixels

2.3 megapixels

Maximum acquisition speed

16 frames per second

34 frames per second

Dimensions (in inches)

2.1 by 2.38 by 4.77

2.1 by 2.38 by 4.77