Arburg upgrades press for versatility

Dec. 14, 2020
Several new options significantly expand the range of applications for the Allrounder 270 S compact.

Allrounder 270 S compact Arburg’s hydraulic 39-ton injection molding machine can be configured online via the company’s customer portal and has energy-saving hydraulics. It features the Selogica control system and a control cabinet that is integrated into the machine base.

What’s new? Various options. The Allrounder 270 S compact model equipped with a Size 100 injection unit is now available with the unit positioned for vertical injection at the mold parting line, enabling the use of a wider range of molds and processes. Highly wear-resistant chrome nitride-coated cylinder modules are available as options, allowing the machine to work with more materials. An Integralpicker V robot can be integrated into the press; existing machines can be retrofitted with a robot interface. Additionally, Arburg offers more modular configuration options and improved functionality.

Benefits Versatility. The various options significantly expand the range of applications for which the press is suited. Additionally, it has a smaller footprint, making it especially suited for companies with limited space. Arburg said the press has a 25 percent lower investment cost than standard hydraulic machines, and the company can deliver it quickly.  

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