Infrared scanner checks temperatures

Nov. 20, 2020
MachineSense’s FeverWarn measures and records employees' and visitors' body temperature before they enter a facility.

FeverWarn To use MachineSense’s infrared scanning device, a person places a fist under the sensor, and in one second or less FeverWarn measures and records the body temperature, showing either a green light for “go” or a red light for “no-go.” It works without requiring an attendant. FeverWarn comes in five different models, all of which include a screen with a waiver form for visitors. A mobile app can be used to view the last 24 hours of data and calibrate the unit. All models can also save results in local storage.

What’s new? Commercial availability. Announced early this year, the device recently hit the market.

Benefits Protection against liability. Unlike most handheld scanners, FeverWarn works unattended and can store scanned temperature data, logs that verify calibration, and data from visitor waiver forms, all of which can help insulate a company from workmen’s compensation or liability claims. Depending on the model chosen, additional capabilities include cloud data storage, the ability to integrate with card readers, unlock a door or gate, allow for voice announcements, and send email or text alerts. Prices range from $699 to $1,259.

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