Level sensors measure quantity of liquid resins

Dec. 9, 2020
BinMaster's compact non-contact radar (CNCR) level sensors can be used to measure liquid resins such as epoxies, PUs and silicones stored in plasticizer tanks.

Level sensors BinMaster’s line of compact non-contact radar (CNCR) level sensors can measure various types of liquids stored in tanks, industrial bulk containers and drums. Applicable liquids include oils, fuels, all types of mechanical fluids, colorants, adhesives, wastewater and water used in industrial processes. Specific to the plastics industry, the CNCR level sensors can be used in plasticizer tanks to measure liquid resins such as epoxies, PUs and silicones.   

What’s new? The CNCR product line.  

Benefits Accuracy and ease of use. The sensors don’t have any dead zones, making them ideal for small vessels. Their narrow beam is easily aimed to avoid obstructions or structures within a vessel that could affect performance. The simple-to-mount devices can measure liquid level through the walls or lids of plastic vessels, eliminating the need to cut holes for mounting. Additionally, they are not affected by fluctuations in temperature or condensation and their molded enclosures are strong and chemical-resistant. 

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