Engel expands e-mac machine line

Nov. 5, 2020
Engel has added an injection molding machine with 146 tons of clamping force to the e-mac line.

e-mac Injection molding machines in Engel’s e-mac series have servo-electric drives and are characterized by their small footprint, speed, precision and energy-efficient operation. The presses feature Engel’s CC300 control, which allows for the simple integration of robots and other auxiliary equipment. They are especially suited for making small, precision components for electronics, medical devices and packaging.

What’s new?  A machine with 146 tons of clamping force, the e-mac 130. It is 14.4 feet long and has a clear tie-bar width of 1.7 feet. It joins e-mac presses with clamping forces ranging from 56 tons to 315 tons.

Benefits  More options for all-electric press users. The new size allows Engel to more precisely match its machines to customers’ requirements. Additionally, Engel says that the machine has the largest tie-bar spacing of any all-electric presses with a comparable clamping force. The press is designed for ergonomics and easy maintenance.  

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