Proactive maintenance is worth the time invested

Sept. 21, 2020

By Karen Hanna

Unscheduled downtime can rob a shop of a lot of time it might otherwise spend churning out parts. But proactive maintenance doesn’t have to knock you off your schedule.

According to Lyle Sharratt, a technical services manager for Absolute Haitian who has visited about 4,000 injection molding facilities over a 40-plus-year career, keeping ahead of the game takes mere hours. In an interview with Plastics Machinery Magazine for an upcoming story on maintenance, he suggested a few tasks that require just a shift or less.

He said operators or maintenance personnel should dedicate four or five hours every three months to perform machine checkups, giving the equipment a short break from the daily grind of constant operations. Once a year, Sharratt advised committing a full day to a machine’s maintenance.

Importantly, Sharratt said, people should develop a close familiarity with their machines, and take advantage of the expertise offered by their OEMs.

“The deeper the understanding of your machine’s operation and control system, the more productivity you will gain from the machine,” he said.

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