Cameras smaller, support Windows 10

Oct. 23, 2020
Omron has updated its FJ line, and its acquisition of camera maker Sentech means it no longer relies on a third-party vendor to source its cameras.

FJ2 cameras These cameras from Omron Automation Americas can handle a wide range of quality-control and surface-inspection tasks. They are available with resolutions from 0.4 megapixels up to 5 megapixels, in monochrome or color versions. Up to 16 cameras can be connected to a single PC as part of a complete vision system package.

What’s new? The FJ2 models, an update of the FJ line. Thanks to Omron’s acquisition of camera maker Sentech, the company is no longer using a third-party vendor to produce its cameras. Among other changes, the FJ2 line offers increased resolution in its most basic cameras compared to the FJ line, and the cameras can get both power and communication via their Ethernet or I/O ports.

Benefits Ease of installation. The cameras are physically smaller, can plug directly into a PC or industrial PC, and now support Windows 10. Cameras in the FJ2 line can capture unique IDs for the parts they inspect, and include an image file and measurement data to boost process improvements and quality control.

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Vital statistics
Camera resolution         0.4, 2 or 5 megapixels        
Sensor type        Monochrome or color        
Frame rate        Up to 282 frames per second