LSR dosing systems communicate with press

Oct. 9, 2020
Nexus Elastomer Systems' new ServoMix Z200, X200, X20 and X1 dosing units have a stainless-steel modular mixing head and 21-inch touch screen. They are OPC-UA-ready.
Dosing systems Like its molds, automation systems and cold-runner systems, Nexus’ dosing systems are designed for LSR production. The dosing systems provide precision and process reliability while eliminating waste. In addition to manufacturing dosing components, such as dosing screws, flow meters, color meters and modular mixing heads, Nexus makes turnkey systems in collaboration with injection molding machine makers. 

What’s new? The introduction of Nexus’ ServoMix Z200, X200, X20 and X1 dosing systems, which began shipping in the spring. Each of the new dosing systems has a stainless-steel modular mixing head and 21-inch touch screen, and can be integrated with, and controlled by injection molding machines, using the OPC-UA communications protocol. The dosing systems have flow meters that are mounted directly to follower plates. The Z200 dosing system is for 200-liter and 20-liter containers, as is the X200. The X20 is for 20-liter containers and has a very small footprint. The X1 is for cartridge dosing and is very compact.  

Benefits Easier maintenance and a more efficient design. The new dosing systems’ mixing heads can be cleaned within 20 minutes. In addition, the flow-meter design reduces the number of hoses from four to two. The systems are designed to guarantee air-free silicone. They measure major components in microliters and additives in nanoliters. 

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