Device measures color of pellets, tiny parts

Sept. 10, 2020
Datacolor’s SpectraVision V unit allows manufacturers to objectively measure multicolored, textured, small and irregularly shaped materials.

SpectraVision V Datacolor’s SpectraVision V device combines a hyperspectral spectrophotometer with formulation and quality control software. It allows manufacturers to objectively measure multicolored, textured, small and irregularly shaped materials, such as granulates, plastic pellets, buttons and tiny components. The unit can be used to analyze, communicate and visualize color measurements. 

What’s new? Various features, including a vertical configuration, a sample tray and a sample cup.  

Benefits The ability to consistently and repeatably measure very small samples. The vertical configuration eliminates the risk of materials falling through the aperture plate. It also eliminates the need for a mounted sample holder, which can allow light to escape. The new configuration allows users in the plastics industry to measure smaller samples than previously was possible; the instrument can measure the color of an individual pellet or measure several pellets and average them together. Additionally, the SpectraVision V reduces the steps needed to match and approve colors and reduces the number of physical samples required. Users can quickly and accurately formulate colors based on digitally measured data. 

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