Upgrades improve Omron autonomous robot performance

Aug. 17, 2020
A new hardware platform, the EM2100, together with software upgrades, allows LD-series autonomous mobile robots to move faster and more smoothly as they pick up and transport parts.

LD series Omron’s autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can be customized to accommodate a range of payloads and a variety of applications. They use features within the facilities where they are deployed to navigate and require no expensive facility modifications. 

What’s new? A hardware platform, the EM2100, that manages AMR fleets that run the company's software, Flow Core, which has been updatedCustomers that use AMRs that operate on software other than Flow Core can upgrade their robots to use Flow Core. 

Benefits Improved AMR performance. AMRs equipped with EM2100 and Flow Core move more quickly and smoothly, with upgraded positioning capabilities and traction control. In addition, users also benefit from EM2100’s ability to simulate the operations of as many as 10 robots, as well as the opportunity to access Omron's occasional upgrades.  

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