White Papers & eBooks

July 24, 2020


Sensor manufacturer Kistler’s “Process Monitoring with Cavity Pressure” discusses how to sustainably optimize your injection molding production using process monitoring systems based on cavity pressure. Topics include optimum positioning of sensors, structure of the measuring chain and key parameters. https://info.kistler.com/cavity-pressure-whitepaper-download 

If your plastics production process is suffering from lagging color or resin changeovers, a high scrap rate or contamination, you are likely looking to purchase a purging compound. Asaclean’s guide, “Purging Compounds & Process Efficiency: Why They Must Work In Tandem To Improve Your Bottom Line,” details the relationship between purging compounds and process improvement, common errors, how to implement correct purging procedures and what to look for in a purging compound manufacturer. https://offers.asaclean.com/purging-compounds-meet-process-efficiency-to-save-time-and-money 

The Rodon Group has updated its eBook, “An Introduction to Plastic Injection Molding,” developed with designers, engineers, and purchasing specialists in mind. Readers learn everything that goes into making a plastic part, types of presses and their advantages, how to determine costs and avoid mistakes, and the future of plastics and injection molding in manufacturing. www.rodongroup.com/lp-ebook-download-request-form 

RJG Inc., which provides training, consulting and technology for injection molders, addresses “What Is the Difference Between Weld, Knit, and Meld Lines and Why Does It Matter?” The three terms often get mixed up, the company says, but all these imperfections are rooted in product design and can affect part durability. https://rjginc.com/what-is-the-difference-between-weld-knit-and-meld-lines-and-why-does-it-matter/ 


Cooling plastic pipe and profiles has always been a challenge, and cooling technology has come a long way as extrusion rates have increased. “Is Colder Better? Advanced Cooling Technology for Pipe & Profile Extrusion” from Conair details processing considerations to determine if cold water is best, and tips for optimizing heat removal in a variety of extrusion applications. www.conairgroup.com/resources/resource/colder-better-advanced-cooling-technology-pipe-profile-extrusion/ 


A new class of lean integrators are specializing in bringing collaborative automation to smaller companies. Universal Robots’ white paper “Cobots & Lean Integrators: Bringing automation to small and medium size enterprises” addresses benefits such as improved machine uptime, part quality, and employee productivity. It discusses the strengths and structures of lean integrators, and how they are empowering automation for smaller companies in all manufacturing industries. www.universal-robots.com/q22020us/nam-lean-integrator-wp-dl-202006/  

Universal Robots’ white paper “Crisis in Manufacturing: Leveraging New Technologies to Address the Labor Shortage” explores the sources of the U.S. labor shortage and why traditional solutions will fall short for many manufacturers. Industry 4.0 advancements position cobots as the tool to win orders, increase machine and worker utilization, and remain competitive through a labor crisis that’s here to stay. https://info.universal-robots.com/robot-report-newsletter-white-paper 


Manufacturing analytics goes beyond the actual collection of the data. With advanced tools and software, it can be used to drive greater efficiency at every level of the organization. Machine Metrics’ eBook "The Manufacturing Analytics Journey” covers the advantages that real-time analytics provide, the different types of analytics that can deepen understanding of machine performance and insights into how production and quality create useful analytics. www.machinemetrics.com/manufacturing-analytics-ebook 


Successful medical manufacturing depends on speed, accuracy and efficiency. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through seamless collaboration between people and machines. In “Factory Intelligence: Looking Beyond the Model-Based Enterprise,” Mitutoyo shares how innovations like model-based definitions and hyper-accurate metrology expand what’s possible in medical manufacturing. www.techbriefs.com/component/content/article/tb/white-papers/test-and-measurement/34704