2020's new injection molding machines include presses from LS Mtron, Dr. Boy, Engel, Arburg, Wilmington

July 22, 2020

During the first half of 2020, injection molding machine makers introduced presses designed for processing recycled resins and other tricky materials, and for molding lightweight bottle caps, large containers and structural foam pallets. 

In addition to specialty machines, a new series from a South Korean manufacturer significantly increased the range of presses it sells in the U.S.

LS Mtron’s new servo-hydraulic WIZ-TA toggle-press series features seven machines with clamping forces ranging from 55 tons to 420 tons. It extends the South Korean manufacturer’s offerings in the U.S., which include a two-platen servo-hydraulic line with clamping forces ranging from 550 tons to 5,000 tons and an all-electric line with from 20 tons to 950 tons of clamping force. 


Dr. Boy launched the Boy 35 E Pro, a specced-down version of its 35 E model, especially for processing recycled materials and difficult-to-process resins. It has 39 tons of clamping force, uses a Procan Alpha 2 controller and is smaller and more energy-efficientThe footprint of the 35 E Pro is about 60 percent that of comparable machines, according to Dr. Boy. 


Engel’s new all-electric e-cap machines come in four sizes with clamping force from about 250 tons to 470 tons. The demand for lightweight bottle caps led to the new presses, which can produce caps weighing less than 1 gram with cycle times of less than 2 seconds. Engel said the machines’ energy efficiency makes a return on investment in less than two years possible. 


Arburg’s Allrounder 1020 H is its largest injection molding machine designed for packaging. It has a top clamping force of 675 tons and a new size 7000 injection unit. Tie bars 40 inches apart and 83 inches of daylight mean the Allrounder 1020 H can produce 8-gallon containers. The press has an electric-powered clamping unit and hydraulic-powered injection unit.  


Wilmington Machinery introduced a structural foam injection molding machine for pallets it says is versatile and economical because it reduces labor requirements. The Lumina Pallateer-series Model PM-3S can mold two identical or different pallets measuring up to 52 inches by 48 inches and weighing up to 50 pounds each. Production rates are 48 to 72 pallets per hour.