Laser scanner provides fast, accurate results

July 17, 2020
Kreon's Zephyr III 50 was designed to focus on precise scanning of small details and geometries.

Zephyr III 50 This blue laser 3-D scanner from Kreon is designed for high-quality digitization of relatively small parts, or the inspection of details and small geometries on parts of any size. It can handle quality-control, reverse-engineering and rapid prototyping tasks. It can accommodate a contact probe, which is useful for tasks such as aligning parts, measuring deep, narrow pockets, or analyzing transparent surfaces. The probe can be used simultaneously with the scanning feature.

What’s new? A maximum laser line width of 50mm, which improves accuracy and resolution.

Benefits Fast, high-resolution scanning. The Zephyr III 50 has an acquisition speed of 600,000 points per second, with accuracy of 5 microns and resolution of 15 microns. It can be used on a variety of platforms, including CMMs, robot arms, measuring arms and machine tools. Its blue laser works well with shiny, reflective surfaces. It includes temperature compensation, so the scanner doesn’t need to be pre-heated to provide constant accuracy.

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