Box-filling systems load parts with high degree of accuracy

Aug. 5, 2020
The portolio of off-the-shelf systems includes 12 versions, for parts weighing up to 200 pounds.

Box-filling conveyor systems Dynamic Conveyor’s box-filling systems can load containers by part count, cycle count or weight. The automatic systems are designed to operate unattended and can accommodate boxes ranging from 9 inches tall to 27 inches tall. The systems include Mettler Toledo scales, are accurate to within 0.3 ounce and can smoothly transport boxes weighing as much as 200 pounds.

What’s new? Standard, off-the-shelf systems. Twelve standard versions join the company’s line of custom box-filling systems and include compact, “over-under” and “side-by-side" models for areas where space is an issue.

Benefits Lower prices and shorter lead times. The systems are simple to set up and are easy to adjust to accommodate different sizes of boxes.

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