Software wizard simplifies cobot programming

July 16, 2020
A software addition to ABB's YuMi cobots makes programming as simple as dragging and dropping instructions on the cobot's FlexPendant.

YuMi First introduced in 2015, ABB’s single-arm YuMi collaborative robots rotate on seven axes to perform human-like movements. Operators can quickly program these small, lightweight cobots for a wide range of tasks by moving the arm through motions and into desired positions.

What’s new? The Wizard Easy Programming software. Operators can drag and drop individual instructions on the cobot’s FlexPendant to create multi-step functions to program its operation. The Wizard comes installed with new YuMi robots, and is available as a free add-in for existing YuMi customers.

Benefits Intuitive programming. Users without special programming skills or training can arrange functions on the pendant’s screen, see the results immediately and adjust the cobot’s actions as needed. Programming can be completed in a matter of minutes. ABB plans to expand Wizard Easy Programming to work with other robots.

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