B8 control features limit Wittmann Battenfeld users' downtime, improve part quality

Aug. 3, 2020

Part 7 of a series on optimizing control systems.

By Bruce Adams

Giving press operators even more insight into the injection molding process is the aim of Wittmann Battenfeld's most recent upgrade to its B8 controls. The company's optional HiQ control software package, including the HiQ-Melt, HiQ-Flow, HiQ-Cushion and HiQ-Metering programs, is integrated into the B8 controls.

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“With HiQ, the machine can automatically optimize the process to changing variables in material quality and surrounding molding conditions, as well as minor process variations, and allow the customer quicker uptime after being down,” IMM operations manager David Sharp said.

For example, HiQ-Melt monitors the melt to detect deviations in material quality, and HiQ-Flow controls the viscosity of the melt, which can be affected by deviations in temperature and materials. Wittmann Battenfeld is working to improve and add functionality to its HiQ software. 

The company designs its controls for less downtime, better part quality and ease of use for the operator, Sharp said. The controls achieve these goals by automatically adjusting and optimizing the process.

The company also offers a condition monitoring system (CMS) that can improve the machines’ performance and reduce downtime. The CMS software is installed on a computer on the machine and sensors are used for monitoring. Sensors also can be added to the machine as optional equipment. Customers can see data from as many as 50 machines on one system at a time.

The CMS keeps a continuous watch on the condition of machine components.

“The CMS system can alert you to potential problems in the future that a machine may experience, thus preventing you from having unexpected downtime and a drop in machine productivity,” Sharp said. “The CMS system can also alert you to a parameter that is trending one way or another, thus giving you a hint towards a potential problem or needed adjustment.”

Bruce Adams, senior staff reporter

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