Haitian targets Industry 4.0 with controllers

July 27, 2020

Part 4 of a series on optimizing control systems.

By Bruce Adams

With a focus on Industry 4.0, Haitian said its control technology aims to accommodate maximum freedom and flexibility with the best possible connection of its machines to peripheral devices and integration in a digital factory.

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The Haitian control system will be converted in the future to Linux, an open operating system that the company hopes will be easier for integrating third-party software solutions, said Jiao Xiaolong, head of the software technology department at Haitian International.

Haitian has independently developed and manufactured core control hardware to meet its current needs, which is based on the company’s understanding of future technology trends.

It also recently implemented two separate systems — Motion Plus and Connectivity Plus — in its two control systems — the Keba control for servo-hydraulic machines and the Sigmatek control for electric machines.

Motion Plus is a combination of hardware and software designed for intelligent motion control, such as the precise movement and adjustment of the clamp or injection unit, while Connectivity Plus is a software feature designed to make the presses compatible with a wide range of automation and interface options, including manufacturing execution systems and all common Euromap interfaces.

“Connectivity Plus provides open integration connectivity for peripherals, data gathering, etc. with an eye on international compatibility,” Xiaolong said. “Motion Plus brings intelligent algorithms to performance characteristics for the improvement of and precise control of processing parameters.”

The benefits of using Motion Plus include better acceleration and deceleration response on the injection unit, more precise back-pressure control on the injection unit, higher repeatability/accuracy of clamp motion, reduction of speed fluctuation, improved mold protection and higher energy savings through onboard energy consumption testing.

Bruce Adams, senior staff reporter

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