Portable CMM is Faro's most affordable

June 29, 2020
The company says the Faro Gage Arm is an ideal choice for small or mid-sized companies.
Faro Gage Arm Faro says its Gage portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is faster than traditional hand tools such as calipers, micrometers and height gauges on the shop floor, while producing measurements as accurate as a fixed CMM. Its universal quick mount allows it to be attached to the machine that is producing parts to be measured. The company said it’s ideal for small and medium-sized businesses to measure small parts, molds and assemblies.

What’s new? Expanded capabilities. The Gage has a working volume of 4.9 feet, offering 20 percent more reach than the previous-generation Gage.

Benefits Value. This is Faro’s most affordable CMM, with an exceptional return on investment. It reduces the variability that can result from measurements done by different operators, and users can change probes without having to recalibrate. Options include wireless operation via Bluetooth or Wi-fi and hot-swappable batteries for extended continuous use without external power.

Faro Technologies Inc., Lake Mary, Fla., 407-333-9911, www.faro.com