Palletizer is easy to set up

July 13, 2020
The Z.ZAG palletizer from EndFlex can lift boxes as heavy as 40 pounds, and stack up to 360 boxes per hour.

Z.ZAG palletizer The Z.ZAG palletizer, made by EndFlex LLC, uses a vacuum end-of-arm-tool on a robot to lift boxes weighing up to 40 pounds. It can load up to 360 boxes per hour. The Z.Zag’s color touchscreen and user-friendly controls make it easy for operators to set it up. Paxiom handles sales and service for Opa-Locka, Fla.-based EndFlex.

What’s new? The Z.ZAG. 

Benefits Cost savings and safety. Automated pallet loading frees employees from the potentially dangerous repetitive handling of heavy boxes so they can focus on other tasks. The Z.ZAG takes into account the dimensions of each box or case it stacks and automatically matches the chosen pattern for each layer stacked on the pallet. Once it completes one pallet, it starts filling the next pallet while the first pallet is replaced.

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