Cart makes assembly tasks easier

July 13, 2020
The Cre-630 cart can be used by workers in plastics processing plants to store, organize and sort parts to be assembled.

Cre-630 This cart from Creform can be used to organize, separate, group and transport components to be assembled. It has multiple compartments, along with fabric bags that help protect parts. It can also be fitted with bins. It features 4-inch-diameter, braking swivel casters for secure positioning. Though the company is offering a standard version of the Cre-630, Creform also can customize the product. 

What’s new? The kitting cart, which came out a few months ago. 

Benefits Efficient kitting of components. 

Creform Corp., Greer, S.C., 864-989-1700, 

Vital Statistics 

Dimensions  34 inches by 28 inches by 48 inches 
Weight  350 pounds