Controllers consolidate safety devices

July 8, 2020
The GC series from Keyence can control multiple light curtains, e-stops and reset buttons.

GC series The controllers in this series from Keyence integrate various safety devices, such as light curtains, e-stops, interlock switches and reset buttons, into one system. Featuring a safety relay and a built-in display, the controllers provide detailed event histories and remote monitoring. They can be configured to accommodate as many as 212 safety-device inputs.  

What’s new? The GC series. 

Benefits Simplicity. The controllers can consolidate the control of numerous safety devices into a single, compact, easy-to-use system. GC series controllers feature intuitive software that sets up in minutes. When used with Keyence safety products, wiring can be reduced to a single cable that runs directly from the safety device to the GC series controller.  

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