Vacuum pumps power material conveying systems

July 2, 2020
Conair's new vacuum pumps can be incorporated into conveying systems from Conair or competitors.

HRG Conair’s new hybrid central vacuum pumps can power Conair material conveying systems, as well as competitors’ systems. The pumps come in three sizes and are suited for long-distance conveying. The HRG-10 has an 11.5-horsepower (hp) motor and is designed for use with 2.5-inch conveying lines. The HRG-15 has a 16.9-hp motor and the HRG-30 has a 42.9-hp motor; both are suited for conveying lines with diameters up to 3 inches. A variable-frequency drive is optional. 

What’s new? The design. The three-stage pump has regenerative impellers that compress air with minimal draft and vibration. It produces a vacuum that becomes more powerful at each stage, allowing HRG series pumps to convey material up to 1,000 linear feet. The pump is an alternative to single-stage regenerative pumps, positive displacement pumps and long-distance pumps (LDPs), all of which have trade-offs between performance and cost. Single-stage regenerative pumps are quiet and inexpensive but can’t convey resin long distances. Positive-displacement pumps are powerful and reliable, but the low-cost versions are noisy and also can’t move resin long distances. LDPs are quiet and convey resin over long distances but are expensive.  

Benefits Energy and cost savings combined with quiet operation. The multi-stage regenerative impeller design is the key to conveying plastic pellets over long distances while keeping noise levels low. The pumps have many of the best features of other types of pumps at a price that is about 30 percent less than a comparable LDP unit. When outfitted with a variable speed drive, HRG series pumps are very energy efficient, only drawing as much power as is needed. Additionally, the direct-drive system eliminates drive belts that wear, reducing maintenance requirements.   

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