Air-circulating system from Novatec kills viral material

May 21, 2020
Designed in response to the novel-coronavirus pandemic, the ScrubX kills pathogens suspended in factory air.

ScrubX This system from Novatec is designed to capture and sanitize airborne dust and plastic particulates that might have been exposed to airborne pathogens. Each unit provides 200 cubic feet per minute of airflow, controlling dust in up to 3,000 square feet of space. Each ScrubX unit features a multi-stage air circulator, scrubber, sanitizer and multiple ultraviolet lamps that trap airborne particulates and kill viral matter. The built-in control system provides remote monitoring of filter status, particulate levels and other conditions. Mobile and stationary versions are available.  

What’s new? The system, which the company introduced in response to the novel-coronavirus pandemic.  

Benefits Worker health and safety. Citing the fact that contaminated particulates can hang in factory air for 48 hours or more, the company said the equipment “was invented to help mitigate the level of the novel coronavirus, which could be present in factory air by removing the dust and particulate from work areas along with any pathogens that might be present.”   

Novatec Inc., Baltimore, 410-789-4811,